We happily welcome press outlets to cover our event, and offer Press Credentials to approved applicants. Please read the following information before submitting your application for approval.

Event Press Policies

Your Press Credentials DO provide you with –
• Access to the event during public hours.
• Opportunity to request interviews (Subject to approval).

Your Press Credentials DO NOT allow – 
• Early access.
• Access to private or specially ticketed events. 
• Line jumps in autograph lines.
• Priority VIP seating.

Members of the Press MUST –
• Not hold up autograph lines for unapproved interviews in the Autograph Area. No exceptions. 
• Follow all South Texas Comic Con Policies.
• Purchase autographs and photos in the same manner as attendees.

Press Credential Approval

Press Credentials are intended for use by professionally employed editorial staff members of regularly published media organizations with established audiences. Editorial staff includes Writers, Reporters, Photographers and Camera Crews. Non-editorial staff who will not directly contribute to coverage of the event (ex: Sales, Marketing)  will not be approved for Press Credentials.    

Application Process

Submit your completed application by April 2 for approval. One member of your media organization may submit an application for your entire team. The applicant will be the primary contact for communication from us to your organization, and is responsible for picking up the badges for all the members of your team. Responses will be sent out by April 13 to applicants who are approved. 

Once you have read the information above, please fill out the application to the right. Applications will close at 11:59 PM on Mon. April 2, 2018. Press Credentials are strictly granted to the approved applicant and are non-transferable. Decisions are final.